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Tech Spec and Stage Plan

From left to right as you look onto stage from the audience, approximately in a line.

Total 19 channels.

5 distinct foldback mixes.

Mandolin - Stand mike
Fiddle - DI
Vocal Mike

Electric Guitar - XLR or SM57 on short stand.
Stompy box - XLR
Melodeon L - XLR
Melodeon R - XLR
Vocal Mike



Bagpipes - Instrument mike on stand.
Oboe - Instrument MikeĀ on stand.
Vocal Mike

Concertina - Two SM81 or small diameter condenser mics at waist level on stands either side.
Hurdy Gurdy - XLR and phantom power
Guitar - XLR and Phantom Power
Keyboard - Stereo or Mono DI box.
Vocal mike for main stage area
Vocal mike for keyboard area
Foldback for main stage and foldback for keyboard area.