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The Band

Edwin Beasant

Drums, Melodeons, Vocals, Guitar, Harmonicas, Electric Mars-Bar

Edwin is a musician with a varied and possibly dubious background, having been brought up in a Morris Dancing family. Steeped in the traditions of England, he sought further influences, finding inspiration in the continental and trans-Atlantic traditions, as well as through Motown and soul. A compulsive multi-instrumentalist, Edwin plays many, indeed most things, including some that haven't been invented yet, but is best known as a talented and inventive box player with ABU and for his stint as the drummer with Jabadaw. A hugely empathetic accompanist, his greatest strength is in instinctively bringing out the best in other people's music with exactly the right textures and rhythms. Having played melodeons and guitar on previous albums, Edwin has moved back to his first love, the drum kit for future tours.

Jude Rees

Oboe, Vocals, Bagpipes, Sax, Sundry ancient things that go PARP

As a woodwind specialist, Jude is widely acclaimed for her lyrical playing delivered with drive and dynamism. A founder member of Isambarde, Jude’s barnstorming oboe playing coupled with her ability to convey narrative through song has won her plaudits from audiences around the country. A sought-after session musician, Jude has guested on numerous albums and arranged strings, brass and woodwind for various studio projects. Jude is also a fixture on the early music scene. She currently performs with Renaissance Consort Piva and is known for playing instruments that go PARP and singing a bawdy catch whilst wearing a variety of silly hats.

Tom Kitching

Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals, Otamatone

12 years and 1500 gigs a professional, Tom was described by Mike Harding as "one of the best English fiddlers ever " and is certainly one of the most in demand musicians on the scene, gigging with Gavin Davenport, Gren Bartley, and Albireo, as well as with his own band, and a duo with Mr Loomes. (See below) In 2015, he brought out his first solo album 'Interloper' to critical acclaim, winning a place on the Telegraph's list of folk albums of the year, and being awarded 5 stars and 6th best album of the year in the Sunday Express. His hobbies include tarboats, watching Salford Rugby League club lose, collecting kettle leads, and chairing the Stockport and District Formation Mild Drinking Squad.

Jon Loomes

Vocals, Guitar, Hurdy-Gurdy, Concertina, Keyboard, Vacuum cleaner

A consummate performer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and ethno-musicologist, Jon is renowned for his work with traditional English folk music. His debut solo album was released by Fellside Records to considerable acclaim and he has subsequently appeared as a guest musician on numerous CDs, and has produced many more. Upon joining Pilgrims' Way, he was reckoned by James Fagan to have 'Filled in holes he didn't know were there', thereby saving the council a fortune in compensation cases. Rumours that he is merely the puppet at the head of a drunken feline world domination conspiracy are probably slightly wide of the mark.

Heather Sirrel

Bass Guitars, Vocals

An inveterate folk-funkmeister, Heather brings her own particular style of groove to the Pilgrims' party. Having once been crushed by an avalanche in the 'J' section of Our Price, a strange blend of Bert Jansch, Jamiroquai, Jethro Tull, The Jacksons and Janice Joplin has influenced her music ever since. A highly experienced cross-genre player, Heather braves uncharted territory of the lower frequencies for several bands. When she's not keeping it on the one she also happens to be a dab hand with a soldering iron.