New! The first album in 5 years from Pilgrims’ Way, 'Red Diesel', released March 18th 2016. Vist our shop for a copy. Rated 5 stars in the Telegraph.

Red Diesel

"The Handweaver and the Factory Maid", filmed by Cristian Barnett


Wayside Courtesies album cover

Our Seasonal Offering, Shining, Gently, All Around, was released on the Fellside label, and it is available through iTunes and Amazon.

Below is the track list:

  1. Magic Christmas Tree (Chinese White)
  2. Light Dragoon
  3. Howden Town
Wayside Courtesies album cover

Our debut album, Wayside Courtesies, is released on the Fellside label, and was launched on 30th July 2011 at Warwick Folk Festival. If you wish to purchase a copy, visit our shop!

Below is the track list.

  1. Only A Soldier
  2. The Handweaver And The Factory Maid
  3. Martinmas Time
  4. Adieu Lovely Nancy
  5. Young Men Are False
  6. Tarry Trousers
  7. Alfaz del Pi
  8. Dark Eyed Molly / Snowy Monday
  9. My Generous Lover / Det Tømte Mjødkruset
  10. A Pilgrim's Way
  11. Framus / Jig Iolo

"I love the sparse but effective instrumentation and the Jews harp is so unusual"

-- Mike Harding, BBC Radio 2